Our Mission

Here at Thyme & Season and The Common Bond Markets our staff is dedicated and focused on customer value. We promise to always go above and beyond for you our customer; by selecting the highest quality products for our shelves, products that are good for people & our planet, sourcing local products that meet our standards, cultivating a space for learning through the exchange of information in our aisles and at our public wellness lectures.

We celebrate that the battle for racial equality has come a long way and acknowledge that there is still much work to be done. We are dedicating ourselves to doing the work of anti-racism by nurturing inclusion, equity, health, and safety through continued education, introspection, and improvement. 

No matter your race, gender orientation, religious affiliation, or age we welcome all to shop at our stores. We hope you will join us in treating each other with dignity and respect.

It is our hope that the stores can be a place of healing for mind, body, and spirit.

We wish you continued health and wellness from Thyme & Season and The Common Bond Markets.

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Spinach Salad Grab-&-Go.jpg
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About Us

Thyme & Season is a real health-food store! For 20-plus years we have provided one of the largest selections of natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free & vegan foods, in addition to local produce, free-range meats/poultry, artisan cheese, sustainable fish, organic baby food, quality pet food/remedies, safe cleaning & paper products, fair trade chocolate & coffee, and more. We offer vitamin, mineral, herb and whole food supplements, homeopathic remedies & a Certified Nutrition Counselor. Hot entrees & soups, salads, sandwiches, sushi, and wraps are an every day staple. Catered platters are available for order. We have a dedicated staff, always ready with a smile to help you in any way they can.

Shop, learn....be healthy!


Our Delicious Products



We're Committed To...

We’re proud to support local farmers and makers from all over Connecticut and New England. We love local made! We’re committed to supporting local small businesses that meet our standards with high-quality, clean label ingredients. You will find local made products in every department of the store including our Local Made section featuring the newest additions to our collection of local brands. Look for ‘Made in Connecticut’ and “Made in New England’ signs on the shelf under each local item.



Find Freshness

We have a variety of organic and local grown items, and we are always striving to support our local community as best we can. Our produce department has a dedicated team, constantly ordering, stocking, and sifting to make sure that you get the freshest organic produce possible.  We pack a great selection into our produce section, so that you can find all of your essentials & more here every time you shop with us.

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Healthy Options for All

Our kitchen team is like no other. They work hard to create fresh, tasty, unique, & delicious foods for all kinds of eaters. Visit our full-service hot bar for hot entrees & soups – menu changes daily. (see menu link) Visit the grab-and-go cooler for prepared wraps, salads, sandwiches, breakfast bowls, dinners, prepackaged soup, fresh pressed juice, and seasonal items. We also offer seasonal catering menus during the holidays and preorder ‘Thursday Dinner Thyme’ individual take out dinners. Our kitchen strives to provide options that cater to most allergies, dietary sensitivities and preferences. Stop in for something healthy & delicious to fuel you through your day!

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Sustainable Abundance

Did you know? It’s cheaper on average to buy bulk foods vs. packaged foods. Buying bulk reduces packaging waste and sustainability matters to us here at Thyme & Season. That’s why we use BioBag compostable bags in our bulk department (no plastic bags here). (link to sustainability commitments page or paragraph) We acknowledge that there’s always more to improve upon when it comes to sustainability, but we want you to know that when you shop with us you’re supporting sustainable practices. (put this sentence in sustainable paragraph)

Our bulk bins are packed fresh and ready for you to take home exactly the amount you need. We have a variety of bulk items, including flour, beans, lentils, nuts, trail mixes, granola, a huge selection of herbs, loose leaf teas, and more! So help the planet, save a little money, and check out what our bulk section has to offer. 

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Wellness Is Our Business

Our supplements department has been refined and carefully selected 20+ years to give you the best quality and variety of products possible. When you come in, you are likely to run into our supplements expert, Linda Myers, who is also a CNC (Certified Nutrition Counselor). Linda & her knowledgeable team are well versed in the options we carry and will help you to find exactly what you're looking for, and then share with you all of the healthful properties of that item.

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From Pantry Staples to Unique Ingredients

We provide our customers with quality grocery items, offering a huge selection of natural, organic, non-gmo, allergen free, and products for all dietary needs. You will find quality and quantity on every shelf of the store.