Weekday Menu

Full-Service Hot Bar


Daily Menu

Monday 5-16-22

Hot Breakfast

*served 8-11am only
vegan sausage breakfast burritos

bacon, egg and cheese burritos 

Hot Soup

*served 8 am-7pm

white bean and escarole (v)(gf)

ten vegetable (v)(gf)

ginger, carrot, artichoke (v)(gf)

pasta e fagioli

italian wedding with beef meatballs

Hot Food

*served 11am-7pm *while supplies last

lemon and herb roasted chicken (gf)

pancetta and wild mushroom frittata (gf)

portobello stacks (veg)(gf)

pasta with lentil bolognese (v)

mashed sweet potatoes with kale (v)(gf)

roasted vegetables (v)(gf)

Grab & Go Food

spiced lentils and potatoes (v)(gf)

vegan mac and cheese (gf)

mushroom ravioli with parmesan cream sauce (veg)

roasted vegetables (gf)

*Plus pre packaged soups for your convenience!

(v)-(vegan)-(gf)-(gluten free)